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Trump Ilhan Omar Video Send Her Back Rally Chant

Trump Ilhan Omar Video Send Her Back Rally Chant

Trump Ilhan Omar Video I will give my opinion of Trump’s speech regarding Ilhan Omar, the North Carolina Rally Speech, the send her back chant and our US Representative Ilhan Omar, but first let’s watch the part of the video that pertains to her. Trump Omar Video Review Ilhan Omar is a treasonous enemy of the United States who has infiltrated our very own government! The crowd chanting “send her back” at the recent Trump rally was, in my opinion, being too nice. Merely sending her back is far too good for her. The penalty for treason under 18 U.S. Code § 2381 is: “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined

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what does the bible say about abortion

What Does The Bible Say About Abortion?

What Does The Bible Say About Abortion? What does the bible say about abortion?  The Bible does not mention the word abortion, however, it does state Thou shalt not kill.  Therefore all that is left to do is prove that the bible considers an unborn child to be a life.  I will do this by examining some bible verses about abortion below.  Feel free to check out this video on the topic as well. Bible Verses About Abortion Here I will show some examples of bible verses about abortion.  Of course none of the bible verses will state the word abortion since they did not use that word in biblical times.  Many of the verses will show that the bible equates an unborn child as a life… and of course it is against the 10 commandments to take a life. Bible Verse – Job 3:3 Job 3:3 “Let the

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gun control facts

Gun Control Facts | Debate Articles Pros and Cons Poll 2020

Gun Control Poll 2020 Please take a moment to Vote in the Gun Control Poll 2020. Gun Control Poll 2020 Please take a moment to Vote in the Gun Control Poll 2020. Michael J Kelly’s Opinion on Gun Control I Strongly Oppose More Useless Gun Control Laws! Maybe its because I’m from Chicago, Illinois.  We already have some of the strictest gun laws in the country here.  They don’t seem to be making any difference. In fact, one could even argue that they are doing more harm than good. Gun Control Facts Infographic Gun Control Facts 2020 Here are some gun control facts to consider in 2020: Since this is an ongoing debate, there are still many of the same gun control facts in 2020.   Common Sense Gun Laws Many Liberals like to talk about “common sense gun laws.”  Here is some common sense for you:  Murder is already Illegal! 

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illinois minimum wage increase

Illinois Minimum wage increase 2020 | Pros and Cons Debate

Minimum Wage Increase Poll Minimum Wage Increase Poll Michael J Kelly on the Minimum Wage Increase in Illinois 2020 Does raising minimum wage increase unemployment? Yes, raising the minimum wage will increase unemployment rates significantly!   Raising the Minimum Wage Leads to Job Loss! In 2009 Congress increased the federal minimum wage by 10.6%, and within six months 600,000 jobs disappeared. Minimum Wage Increase Pros and Cons The Socialist Party (who are the driving force behind raising the min wage) say that raising min wage from $8.25/hr to $15/hr will allow people to spend almost twice as much money, therefore, helping the economy twice as much. They also state that they are not trying to hurt small business’ only big corporations who can afford it like Walmart. Here is the flaw with that thinking: Does raising minimum wage increase unemployment? Yes, raising the minimum wage will increase unemployment rates significantly! Raising

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abortion debate

Abortion Debate | Abortion Poll | Debate and Vote Here

Abortion Poll Abortion Vote Here Michael J Kelly’s Opinion on the Abortion Debate My Solution to the Abortion Debate I do offer a reasonable solution to the abortion debate. I think that there should be a hard cut off deadline in which it would be illegal to perform an abortion (unless it’s a medical emergency).  That deadline should be the exact same time frame in which it would be considered “intentional homicide of an unborn child” if a murderer killed a pregnant woman. This would force Pro-Choice activists to admit that there is a point in which it is murder and would force pro-life activists to agree at which point that is.  This timeline is different in different states. Currently in Illinois, the deadline starts at fertilization and I don’t know to many pro-choicer supporters who would agree to that, but if it passed, people could just have their abortion performed in

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illegal immigration reform news

Illegal Immigration Reform News 2020 | Debate and Vote in Poll

Illegal Immigration Poll Vote Here Michael J Kelly’s Opinion on Illegal Immigration Reform I am all for legal immigration not illegal immigration.  There is a right way for the right people to get into the United States.  It involves applying for a visa, being qualified to be a productive member of society and being screened for diseases and criminal background checks. We need to plug the hole before we can bail out the boat.  This means sealing our porous border.  After we reinforce our borders, we need to humanely care for and return those who illegally crossed. If we do not do this, it will send a clear message to others that it is ok to keep coming.  As a result, the United States will be flooded with hundreds of thousands more illegal immigrants that are just waiting to see how we handle this mess.  The Latest Immigration Reform News 2020

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What does blog stand for?

If you have ever wondered what does blog stand for, you’re not alone. In the early days of the internet, a blog was called a “web log”. In 1997, the term “weblog” was first used. As time went by, it simply became easier to just say “blog”. So that’s what the word blog stands for.

What is a blog?

Blog Meaning:

Blog meaning: A blog is a web page or pages that are routinely added to a website that is updated either by an independent person or a group of people. It is written in the form of a journal and is usually based on a certain niche. Some big blogs may have many categories to choose from. This particular website is a political blog.

What is a Political Blog?

What is a political blog? A political blog is a blog that is exclusively written about politics. Some political blogs are opinion based, and some are fact-based. There may be several political blogs on the site, but they all have the common theme of politics.

There are many different types of political blog. Some Political blogs are conservative, republican, moderate,libertarian, liberal democrat or left wing political blogs.

This is a Political Blog

This political blog is about US politics, Illinois politics, political issues, current political news, and even political memes. Michael J Kelly’s journalistic style is fact-based although, he will admit that the facts influence his opinion.

What is a Liberal Blog?

What is a liberal blog?  A liberal blog is a political blog that is written exclusively from the liberal point of view.

This is Definitely NOT a Liberal Blog!

Although Michael Kelly does lean slightly left on some social issues, He does not agree with most liberal points.

His feeling is that Democrats, liberals, lefties, leftists, progressives, democratic socialists or whatever they go by these days have become absolutely unhinged recently.

What is a Libertarian Blog?

What is a Libertarian Blog? A libertarian blog is written from an extremely moderate point of view. Libertarians don’t believe the government should tell us what to do, or anyone else for that matter. As long as you are not breaking any laws, being violent or harming anyone, you should be left alone to do your own thing.

This could be considered a Libertarian Blog

This site could be considered a Libertarian Blog.  While reading some of the posts, you may get the idea that this is a libertarian blog.

Unfortunately, We live in a time where there is a two party system. The Government makes it very hard for anyone who is not a democrat or a republican to get elected. Therefore, Mr. Kelly chooses to identify as a Republican.

What is a Conservative Political Blog?

What is a Conservative political blog?  A conservative political blog is a political blog that is written from a conservative or republican point of view. 

Some may call it a Conservative blog others may call it a Republican blog, GOP blog, Tea Party blog or right wing blog.  Whichever you choose to call it, it is not a liberal blog, democrat blog or left wing blog.  


This is a Conservative Blog

This website is a conservative blog.  Michael J Kelly’s views are relatively moderate and slightly libertarian.  He leans left on some social issues within reason, and he leans right on most other matters especially those involving finance or the economy.

Top Political Blogger

This may even be considered one of the top political blogs for conservatives.  He certainly is the top political blogger.

Best Political Blogger

Michael J Kelly is one of the best political bloggers in the US.  This is his best political blog 2020.

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