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"The Left didn't like Him Much either"

Michael J Kelly Politician and Political Commentator

Michael J Kelly - Political Commentator

Michael J Kelly is a Businessman and politician in Chicago, Illinois who will fight for our liberties as citizens of this great country: The United States of America.

Mike Kelly is also one of the Best political commentators and conservative pundit in America.  He enjoys a good political debate and encourages you to actively participate by commenting on his political videos, memes and blog posts.

"I consider Myself a slightly Libertarian leaning Constitutional Conservative and Patriot"

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Current US Political Issues in America

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Chicago Politics in Illinois

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Independent Political Views Moderate

Michael J Kelly shares his personal political views on current topics such as illegal immigration and the border wall, gun control, abortion, gay marriage, legalizing marijuana, taxes and government spending, health care and social security on His political issues page.  

"My political Views are fairly moderate. I lean Left on some social issues and I lean Right on financial issues"

Political Memes, Jokes, Humor & Satire

With they way things have been going, if you don’t have a sense of humor about it, you will go mad.  Mike likes to unwind and relieve stress by taking in a few laughs and making some political jokes.  He is not always politically correct and doesn’t ever want to be.  This is not your moms house or safe space.  It is not a place for snowflakes or the  easily offended.   Having said that, If you have a sense of humor and like political satire, then go to the political memes page.  

Chicago Political Memes

cook county politics meme joke
chicago political memes humor jokes satire
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illegal immigration reform news

Illegal Immigration Reform News 2019 | Debate and Vote in Poll

Illegal Immigration Poll Vote Here Michael J Kelly’s Opinion on Illegal Immigration Reform I am all for legal immigration not illegal immigration.  There is a right way for the right people to get into the United States.  It involves applying for a visa, being qualified to be a productive member of society and being screened for diseases and criminal background checks. We need to plug the hole before we can bail out the boat.  This means

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