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Mike Kelly is your Political Contact in Chicago Illinois

Have you ever tried to contact politicians?  Sometimes it can be almost impossible.  Contact Mike Kelly and he will help you contact your politician.  He will be your political contact in Chicago IL Illinois.  

Ways To Contact Mike Kelly

There are several ways to contact Mike.  You can email him directly by submitting this form.  You can interact with him on any one of many Social Media Platforms or in the Political Blog Comments.  

Michael J Kelly on Social Media

Michael Kelly is very active on Social Media so you can choose your favorite social platform below and contact him that way.  That is the best way to connect with Mike if you’re looking for a political debate.  He will not engage you through email!  Just use the Comments below the individual political blog post or in the comments section of a facebook post, instagram post or youtube video.  His username on all Social Media is:  @MichaelJKellyUS

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