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Michael J Kelly's Volunteer List

Please Sign Up to Michael J Kelly’s Political Volunteer Opportunities List.  You will be notified whenever there is a political volunteer job opportunity that he could use your help with. 

You will also be added to Mike’s regular email list and will receive notifications whenever he makes a new video, meme, blog post or has an important political announcement to make.  

Political Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer For A Political Campaign

Volunteering for Michael J Kelly is more than just passing out flyers and gathernig signatures.  Mike takes a proactive approach to politics.  He protests, campaigns, goes to debates and attends courtroom sessions and city counsel meetings.  Most importantly, He lobbies for issues that he believes strongly in.  

Volunteers for Michael J Kelly may be asked to attend protests.  We may take trips to Springfield Illinois or downtown Chicago IL.  It is not out of the question to go all the way to Washington DC to attend and event, rally or protest.  

Of course, this is all voluntary.  You choose which events you would like to attend.  You may just want to volunteer local near me.  You may be more adventurous and want to travel and experience activities and events in the USA.  

Sometimes it can be fun to get away and meet up with other political volunteer groups and programs.  Whether you prefer to travel or stay local, you can choose your own hours, gain new experiences and meet new people who share the same political views as you.  No experience is necessary to volunteer for a political campaign in Chicago Illinois for 2019 and 2020.  

Thank you for helping Michael J Kelly advance his political Career.  

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