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About Politics

This whole Website is about Politics but This web page is about  Political Commentator Michael J Kelly and his history.  For more information about politics, you can visit  his political blog.  For more information about political views of Michal J Kelly you can visit his political issues page.  

About Michael J Kelly

Michael J Kelly is a Politician, Political Commentator and Businessman in Chicago, IL.  For more details about political history of Michael J Kelly keep scrolling down.  

About Michael J Kelly

Michael J Kelly is a Politician, Political Commentator and Businessman in Chicago, IL.  For more details about political history of Michael J Kelly keep scrolling down.  

About Michael J Kelly's Humble Beginnings

Michael J Kelly came from humble beginnings.  He was raised by an elderly couple who felt sorry for him.  They took him in right out of the hospital after being born.  Apparently, it was a cold November and the heat was shut off at his biological parents apartment because they couldn’t afford to pay the bill.  

About Michael's Mother

About Grandma Kelly

Ella C. Kelly was 75 years old when She took “Little Mikey” in.  She was the mother of two naturally born children, one still born baby and three adopted children.  She was a Sunday School teacher and was a very religious Protestant Christian.  She passed away at 94 when Mike was 18.  She was determined to live long enough to raise him.  

About Michael's Father

About Grandpa Kelly

Michael Kelly was 78 years old when He agreed to take “Mikey” in.  He was a War hero in WWI and received a Purple Heart medal.  He was Mike’s hero and He was named after him.  Michael Kelly passed away at 91 when Mikey was just 12 years old.  

Natural Born Politician

about natural born politician

"if that doesn't look like a future politician, I don't know what does. lol"

All About Political Gun Rights

about political gun rights

Mikey was a Political Gun Rights Activist and Lobbyist at a very young age.  lol  Actually, He was a catalog model and this picture was in over 3 million copies.  He was pale from being very sick that day but has a great work ethic.   

About Political Religious Freedom

about political religious freedom

Church Sunday School Graduation Day

Mike was raised as a protestant Christian and went to Sunday School every week.  He believes in the freedom of religion as long as it does not threaten, hurt people or break any laws…  As many religions do.

About Politics in Chicago, IL

about politics in chicago illinois

From The South Side of Chicago

Michael was raised in the South Side of Chicago, Illinois.  He has always been very proud of Chicago, IL.  He has always been interested in Illinois politics and The Chicago Political Machine as well.  

About War Hero

about political war hero

Michael Kelly was a war hero!  He fought in World War 1 and was hit with Mustard gas while fighting in France.  One day Mikey tried on his old army uniform and posed for this picture with his childhood hero.  

About Politician Businessman Entrepreneur

about politician businessman entrepreneur

He always had an entrepreneurial tendency.  Here he is making money shoveling snow as a kid.  He was always thinking of ways to make money and become successful.  

About Aunt Lorraine Kelly

about lorraine kelly

When Mikey was 11 years old, His “Aunt Lorraine” officially adopted him.  She was Ella and Michael Kelly’s natural born daughter.  She was a career woman and continued to raise Mikey as a single mom.  From then on, he referred to his parents as grandparents.  His adopted Mom is deceased now as well.  

About His Biological Family

Michael always knew his biological family.  They lived just around the corner.  He considered his biological parents as simply neighbors.  He referred to them as Sharon and Chuck and his brother Charlie.  Both biological parents are deceased now and he still talks to his older brother every so often.

About President George Washington

about president george washington

Michael Played the lead role of President George Washington in a school Play.  He always had a passion for Political Science and learning from History.  He looked up to our founding fathers and wished to be like them.  

About Benjamin Franklin

about benjamin franklin

Benjamin Franklin was another one of his hero’s.  Benjamin Franklin was a founding father who helped draft the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.  He was an ingenious inventor and was America’s first Millionaire.  

About The Boston Tea Party

about boston tea party

Michael always wanted to do something related to politics or United States History.  Even when on vacation.  Here he is at the scene of the Boston Tea Party.  He has visited Abraham Lincolns Home, Paul Revere’s Home and many others.  Some of his favorite places to visit where the Mayflower, Plymouth Rock and the Plimoth Plantation.  His favorite attraction at Disney World is the Hall of Presidents.  Oh, and Space Mountain.  lol

Even Vacations Where About Politics
about political vacation

About Michael Kelly Guitars

about michael kelly guitars

Michael Kelly started playing guitars when he was 10 or 11.  He shoveled snow, cut grass and did many odd jobs to save up enough to buy his first electric Michael Kelly Guitar.  His Mom agreed to match half of the price of the guitar if he worked for the other half.  Now He is a guitar collector.  The Michael Kelly Guitars collection currently has many guitars from notable guitarists like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Jimmy Page and Stevie Ray Vaughn.  

Michael Kelly Plays Guitar

michael kelly guitars

Michael Kelly’s first electric guitar was a Fender Stratocaster.  Pictured with his older brother Charlie and His friend Chris.  

About Politician Michael J Kelly

Mayor of Chicago Said:

"I can See Him Becoming Mayor of Chicago Someday"

About Political Commentator

Political Commentator Bill O'reilly Said:

"One of the best and brightest new political pundits I've ever met."

About Political Issues

about political issues

About Political Issues and Views

Michael Kelly Shares his views on current political issues on the political issues page.  

Here He talks about his views on Gun Control, Abortion, Illegal Immigration, Minimun wage, tax reform and many other current issues.  He endourages You to engage in the conversation by commenting your views in the comments section below any post.

About Political Humor

about political humor

Political Memes, Jokes, Humor and Satire

If the state of the political climate is getting you stressed out, why not releive some of that stress with some light hearted jokes, Humor and Satire.  Mike is always cracking political jokes or making fun of some politician.  He isn’t afraid to be the butt of a joke either if it entertains you.   For  Political Humor check out the political memes page.

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