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My Solution to the Abortion Debate

I do offer a reasonable solution to the abortion debate. I think that there should be a hard cut off deadline in which it would be illegal to perform an abortion (unless it’s a medical emergency).  That deadline should be the exact same time frame in which it would be considered “intentional homicide of an unborn child” if a murderer killed a pregnant woman. This would force Pro-Choice activists to admit that there is a point in which it is murder and would force pro-life activists to agree at which point that is. 

This timeline is different in different states. Currently in Illinois, the deadline starts at fertilization and I don’t know to many pro-choicer supporters who would agree to that, but if it passed, people could just have their abortion performed in another state.  In Arkansas that deadline is 12 weeks.  This would greatly decrease the amount of abortions to only those who are extremely intent on abortion. I’m sure the “upon fertilization” deadline would be heavily contested before this would pass, but whether it ends up being 5 weeks or 12 weeks, at least it is a step in the right direction for BOTH sides. 

My take on the Abortion Debate

Personally, I am pro life.  I have four children and I know what my wife and I went through to get pregnant.  Eventually we had success through in-vitro, but many would be parents are not so lucky.  There are many people out there who would love to have a baby but just cannot for many reasons.  I was adopted by an elderly couple who were kind enough to insist that my mother NOT have an abortion.  They were too old to start raising a child to adulthood and eventually, when I was eleven years old, their natural daughter adopted me. 

I look forward to the day when I can help a needy child by adopting him or her to sort of pay it back.  While I do not believe that frivolous abortion is the right choice, I also believe that I have no right to tell someone else what to do.

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In short, I agree that there are reasonable situations where an abortion can and should be considered (rape, age, income, deformity, medical emergencies, etc.) and I do think that it should be the pregnant woman’s ultimate decision.  I think that the father should have a percentage of say in the matter as well.  I also feel that decision can and should be made within a reasonable time frame that is acceptable to society.  I would simply encourage any woman wanting to have an electoral abortion to sincerely consider all her options and future guilt before making her decision.  

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